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Main Street
Bexley, Ohio 43209

The First Four Years

The First FOUR Years

In February of 2012, I began my service as Mayor of Bexley. 

What have I been up to since then?   Here's a sampling of how I've spent my time working for you -



I believe that effective communication is the central pillar of effective community leadership.  Communication is a two-way street.  It means letting you know what's going on, and it also means being able to listen.  In the past two years, I've built a culture of communication by being responsive to resident concerns, and being proactive in letting you know what's going on in and around Bexley via:

The Bexley Blast - the City's weekly email update

A redesigned website, with deeper access to information and more timely and more consistently updated information

Bexley's Blue Signs - when properties are up for planning review, we now put our "blue signs" up in advance pointing residents to the application online and letting them know about the time and location of the relevant review meeting

The Bexley Blast hotline - for those who don't have email, you can listen to the Blast via a pre-recorded message

A Stable and Sustainable Financial Position

As chair of Bexley Council's Finance Committee and now as Mayor I've worked hard to architect a plan to stabilize Bexley's finances following the dramatic loss of income after the elimination of the Ohio Estate Tax and the reduction in the Ohio Local Government Fund.  In 2012, I brought a balanced budget to council for 2013, and I've kept to that balanced budget.  2014's budget is shaping up to be balanced and to also restore the City to a sustainable level of capital reinvestment. 

Community Events

My administration has worked hard to amp up Bexley's community event offerings.  With events such as the Main Event (Bexley's summertime outdoor movie and activities series) and our first annual Youth Triathlon, Bexley is solidly on the map as an increasingly desirable location for entertainment and activities.

An Improved Environment


The Alum Creek Park, the Main Street Streetscape, Jeffrey Park walkways, and progress on Livingston Avenue rejuvenation are some of the areas where I've been working to improve Bexley's natural and built environment.

A Focus on Community-Centered Development

Our development office has been retooled to focus on bringing uses to Bexley that serve the needs of residents and build up our tax base.  Long-desired uses such as an upmarket grocery store and a quality breakfast/brunch restaurant were at the top of my agenda, and I've made solid progress on bringing both to Bexley.  Meanwhile, I've also recruited more than $3,000,000 in new office payroll uses to the City in the past two years.