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Main Street
Bexley, Ohio 43209

About Ben

Mayor Ben Kessler

About Ben:

Mayor Ben Kessler is a third-generation Bexley resident and is currently serving his first term in the office of Mayor through the end of 2015.

Prior to his election as Mayor, Ben was elected to a second term as a member of Bexley City Council in November of 2011.  He has served in Bexley City Council as chair of the Zoning and Development Committee, chair of the Finance Committee, and briefly as President of Council in early 2012. 

Ben was also the founder and chairperson of the Bexley Land Use Strategy, a multi-year resident-led effort to build a common vision for land use policy and redevelopment strategies facing Bexley in the coming years.  Additionally, he has served as a member of the Bexley Historical Society Board of Trustees; a committee member of the Alum Creek Corridor Committee and the Main Street Guidelines Committee; and a member of the Heritage Ohio Advisory Panel.

Prior to taking office as the Mayor of Bexley, Ben was the Vice President of Litigation Support at Samuel D. Koon & Associates, a commercial real estate appraisal and consulting firm.

In his free time, Ben enjoys, in no particular order: woodworking, playing ice hockey with Bexley's own "Loose Cannons", indulging in a little improv piano from time to time, skiing, biking, sailing, and of course hanging out with his family.  Ben and his wife Julie spend most of their "free" time entertaining three rambunctious Bexleyites - Ella (9), Sophie (7), and Brugh (4).  

My promise to you:

I will work hard for you.

I will innovate.

I will set a goal and see it through.

We may not always see eye to eye, but I will always listen - truly listen - and I will always tell you where I am coming from and be open to new perspectives.

I will put this community at the forefront, over myself, and over my own ambitions.

I will always strive to create a Bexley that is a more perfect version of itself.

I will prioritize good communication.

I will prioritize strategic thinking.

I will emphasize sound fiscal policy.

I will not settle for the status quo.

I will take your phone call.

I will work for you - tirelessly,  and with boundless enthusiasm.